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Two weeks ago, my mother went to be with the Lord. We didn’t “lose” her because we know right where she is: with the multitude of saints who have gone on before. That may sound lofty, but our family believes that because she trusted in Jesus, she is in heaven right now, with Him. This is a difficult time for us who love her, but because we do not believe she is “gone”, we have hope we will see her again.

As a writer, I process feelings, decisions, and the world through words. I almost have to write everything down before I understand it. Some of you may have read the piece I wrote to make sense of my niece’s leukemia diagnosis several years ago, The Death of the Dragon. It encouraged me and seems to have encouraged others. 

So when my mother made the decision to suspend her treatment and allow the cancer to take its course, I needed to write. We spent that time talking, laughing, crying, holding hands, hugging, and generally spending time as a family. It was hard and joyful and sad and blessed and we agreed it was the best worst summer we could have ever had.

Mom had several divine encounters during her last months here and I took the liberty of using a few of her impressions and the thoughts she shared with us in this piece. Click the link below to read or download it.

Another Dragon’s Ending by Glynis Becker

I hope you find this encouraging. A reminder that our Healer is much bigger than any cancer, disease, or dragon, even if the healing comes in ways we don’t want. If you have questions about heaven, the Gospel, or Jesus, please post a question in the comments or use the contact form. I’m not an expert, but I’m happy to share and explore these questions with you!