After many years in the making–more than six, if anyone is counting–our first movie, Sinking Sand, starring Jenn Gotzon Chandler, Tom Clark, Jim E. Chandler, Kevin Sizemore and other fantastic actors, is ready for an audience!

Co-written by Brian Yarbrough and me, we can’t wait to have you watch it. This movie was a labor of love and a test of perseverance. I’m not sure if six years is a long time in the film-making biz or not, but it sure felt like a long time to me!

If you grew up on black-and-white episodes of Perry Mason or enjoy classic movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age like Hitchcock’s Rear Window or Notorious, I think you’re going to like this one.

We want to create movies told from a Christian worldview without being inauthentic or preachy. Hopefully we’ve done that with this film.

Released on DVD and video-on-demand on September 18, it’s available for pre-order now through these retailers:



Sinking Sand: Follow the story of Brooke McHenry whose loneliness drives her into the arms of a man who is not her husband and begins a trail of bad decisions, murder, and the prosecution of an innocent woman for Brooke’s own crime.


Also, in preparation for our release, we’re giving away a $500-value prize package. Two of the stars, Jenn and Jim, met on the set of our movie and have since gotten married! We’d like to pay tribute to that by giving away a romantic weekend package. Transportation to Savannah, GA is not included, but once you’re there, we’ve got some great prizes like dinner, two nights at a bed-and–breakfast, and a lovely carriage ride. We’ll also be giving away copies of the movie. See our Facebook page or film site’s contest page to enter! Best of luck!

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