One Little Word Intention

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Elements and alpha from Sweet Shoppe Designs‘ A Better Me kit (no longer available)

It’s a new year already. How quickly that seems to happen anymore! I haven’t done this in several years, but I love the idea of choosing a word at the beginning of the year to try to live into during that year. So through some prayer and consideration, I happened upon the word INTENTION.

I considered the word “purpose” but that feels less active to me. As I’ve learned more about writing craft and character motivation, I began to realize that I am not often the agent of change in my own life. I do not like conflict and I spend a lot of my time avoiding anything that even looks like conflict. Because of that, I find myself drifting through my days and weeks, allowing other people’s choices (for good or bad) to dictate the circumstances of my life.

The word INTENTION feels like me taking charge of my actions, thoughts, plans, goals, and making them part of my purpose (even if I’m still not sure what that is). I will be intentional, of course, in letting God determine what that purpose is and how I can be part of whatever work the Lord is doing here in my family, at work, at church, in this city, this country, and in the world.

After I chose my word, I found this great photo. To me it speaks of being intentional in choosing what things I will hold onto. I want to spend my moments and my days doing things that have meaning to me and that bring reconciliation, redemption, and the Kingdom of God to me and the world around me.

Have you ever chosen a word to meditate on for a year? What is/was it? Did it work for you? If you never have and you want to know more, is a great website dedicated to the “un-resolution” of the One Word movement.

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